Background of Study返回

In November 2011, the Community Business Limited (CB) commissioned POP to conduct a research study entitled “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Climate Survey”. The primary objective of the survey was to gauge the local working population’s awareness and attitude towards LGBT individuals in Hong Kong, and to uncover issues faced by the local LGBT employees in the workplace. The study consisted of two surveys, namely 1) a representative survey of the Hong Kong working population by random telephone interviews, and 2) an anonymous online focus survey of the Hong Kong LGBT working population which targets at LGBT individuals who were working full-time, part-time or seeking jobs then.

The research instrument used in this study was designed by the POP Team but with significant input from CB. Fieldwork operations and data analysis were also conducted independently by the POP Team, without interference from any outside party. CB was also responsible for the publicity work in promoting the online survey to the LGBT groups. In other words, POP was given full autonomy to design and conduct the study, and POP would take full responsibility for all the findings reported herewith.