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The target population of this survey was defined as the principals of all local secondary schools excluding the international schools. No sampling was required.

This study was conducted by self-administered paper questionnaire, returned by the principals via mail or fax. The data collection period started from 1 June and ended on 17 June, 2009. A total of 113 questionnaires were received via fax. Amongst them, 112 cases were considered valid. The response rate of this survey was 23.2%, with a standard error of sampling of no more than 4.1%, had it been a representative survey (Table 1).

Table 1. Contact information of the survey
 Successful Cases    Distributed Questionnaires   Response rate* Standard Error** 
 112  483  23.2%   4.1% 
 * Response rate is calculated as the number of successful cases divided by the number of distributed questionnaires.
** Calculated as if these are random sample surveys.