In parallel with the "Public Ranking" telephone survey, POP was commissioned by Media Education Info-Tech Co. Ltd for the sixth time to conduct this local school principal survey which aimed to study their perception towards the institutions of higher education in Hong Kong.


POP was responsible for designing the questionnaire, inputting and processing the data while Media Education Info-Tech Co. Ltd was responsible for all other survey logistics such as obtaining the contact list of schools from the database of Education Bureau (i.e. 530 valid addresses), printing and mailing out the questionnaires, following up with chasers, as well as collecting the returned questionnaires. A total of 7 key questions were asked in this year’s questionnaire, which is attached in Annex A.

POP was not involved nor consulted on how to make use of the findings from this principal survey to compile the overall rankings of local universities. This was the sole responsibility of Media Education Info-Tech Co. Ltd who would usually take a handful of other elements into consideration.