Course Assignment返回


(As of 9 March 2008)


Following the course outline, all participants of the course will be divided into 8 groups of almost equal size, each with approximately the same ratio of students going to the field trip and those not. Each group is required to do 3 assignments, namely, doing a creative project, holding one online weblog session, and writing one activity report. Between groups, the topic of these projects shall not overlap each other. While all course participants who have attended at least two of the three seminars will be awarded with an attendance certificate, those judged to have completed their assignments outstandingly will be awarded a distinction certificate.


Creative Projects

Each group can choose the following media for presenting its creative project: plain texts, newspaper clippings, graphics, photographs, video clips, collection of artifacts, or a combination of these and other media, provided that the topic of the project is related to the Taiwan presidential election. Each group is required to submit a project proposal to the course coordinator on or before 13 March 2008. There is no prescribed format or length for the proposal, but it must state clearly the proposed topic, the content of the project, and the medium to be used. The proposal will be discussed and reviewed in the second seminar of the course.


Online weblog Sessions

During the fieldwork period, each group is required to hold one interactive online weblog session on a particular day, for 30 minutes. During the session, students going to Taiwan will communicate with students staying in Hong Kong through the internet, on a particular topic. It is assumed that there will be internet connection in the hotel, and each group shall bring at least one laptop computer to input the weblog.


Activity Reports

Each student is required to write an activity report of one function held during the course, such as the first and second seminars in Hong Kong, the forums and site visits held during the trip, and a diary of events in Hong Kong during the fieldtrip period. The length of these reports should be at least one A4-page of texts. They will be compiled together to become a full report of the course itself.