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(As of 9 March 2008)



1. On 28 January 2007 at the Joint-Hall Retreat 2007, the Warden of RC Lee Hall (author of this document) presented a paper entitled “Hall Education Courses – Some Examples”. On 5 February 2007, he wrote a follow-up paper entitled “Hall Education Courses at RC Lee Hall”. Arising from these papers, the following two Hall Education Courses were run at RC Lee Hall in the second semester of 2006-07 on an experimental basis –

  • Simultaneous Translation for Amateurs (Course code RCLC200701);
  • Environmental Protection (Course code RCLC200702)

2. As a continuation of its previous effort, RC Lee Hall has taken the initiative to organize another Hall Education Course in the second semester of 2007-08, with details as follows –

  • Name of course: “Taiwan Presidential Election of 22 March 2008” (Chinese name being “三二二台灣總統選舉”)
  • Course code: RCLC200801
  • Duration of course: 10 to 31 March 2008
  • Close of application: 11 February 2008


The main objective of the course is to let students get familiar with the constitutional system and political culture of Taiwan, as reflected in its presidential election of 22 March 2008. An optional fieldtrip to Taiwan would be arranged from 19 to 23 March 2008 to observe the election onsite.


Course content

1. The course instructor will be Mr Raymond WONG Yuk-man(黃毓民)and the course will comprise the following meetings and activities –

  • 10 March 2008 (Monday), 1930-2130: First Seminar
  • 17 March 2008 (Monday), 1930-2130: Second Seminar
  • 19-23 March 2008: A five-day trip to Taiwan, limited to 40 participants
  • 31 March 2008 (Monday), 1930-2130: Third Seminar
       All meetings and seminars will be held at the Sassoon Road Assembly Hall and limited to 80 participants.

2. As advised by Taiwan officials, the trip to Taiwan was limited to no more than 40 participants, including no more than 10 holding PRC passports and not more than 10 holding foreign passports. There will be official visits to universities, campaign headquarters, and media organizations. The group will probably depart Hong Kong on 19 March at around midday, and return to Hong Kong in the evening of 23 March. Hotel recommendation will be arranged on a double-room basis at triple-star grade by a travel agent.


Course assignment

1. Participants of the course will be divided into 8 groups of almost equal size, each with approximately the same ratio of students going to the field trip and those not. Each group is required to do 3 assignments, namely, doing a creative project, holding one online weblog session, and writing one activity report. Between groups, the topic of these projects shall not overlap each other.

2. All participants who have attended two of the three seminars will be awarded with an attendance certificate, those judged to have completed their assignments outstandingly will be awarded a distinction certificate. The course instructor Mr Raymond Wong will determine the final grades of each participant.



1. The course was initiated entirely by RC Lee Hall, but in order to expand the boundary of hall education, it has invited the following bodies at the University of Hong Kong to co-organize the course –

  • The Hong Kong University Students’ Union (HKUSU) as co-organizer of the course
  • The Public Opinion Programme (POP) as a supporting unit of the fieldtrip
  • The Political and Public Affairs Association under HKUSU as a supporting unit of the fieldtrip
  • The Joint Hall Development Committee (of hall student representatives) as a supporting unit of the fieldtrip
  • The Hong Kong University Student Research Team as a supporting unit of the fieldtrip

2. The entire course except fieldtrip expenses are funded entirely by RC Lee Hall using its Hall Education Fund, while HKUSU would solicit funding to subsidize fieldtrip expenses at $1,000 per student. POP provides all administrative support of the course, while other supporting units provide assistance in publicizing the course.

3. An organizing committee headed by Course Coordinator Mr Neith Hu, Senior Tutor of RC Lee Hall, and comprising representatives from all co-organizers and supporting units makes decisions on the details of the course. To honour the participation of all co-organizers and supporting units , the course and trip places are divided between RC Lee Hall members and non-members 50:50.



The deadline for enrollment was set at 11 February 2008, and each student is required to pay a deposit of $200, which will be refunded upon a student’s attending at least 2 of the 3 seminars. Students enrolled for the fieldtrip are required to pay a deposit of $3,000 at the First Seminar held on 10 March 2008.