WAPOR Regional Seminar in Hong Kong
"Public Opinion: East Meets West"
December 8-10, 2005



Situated in an international city where East meets West, WAPOR's regional seminar in Hong Kong is dedicated to the discussion of public opinion in a cross-cultural context. It is a logical follow-up to the WAPOR annual conference in Cannes, the theme of which is "Search for a New World Order - the Role of Public Opinion".
After our two call for papers, we now have more than 40 presentations covering the development of opinion polling around the world. Please visit our websites at http://hkupop.hku.hk and http://www.unl.edu/WAPOR to read our preliminary programme.
In this final call for papers, we would like to invite more papers on the following themes:
  1. Opinion polling and democratic development in different countries
  2. Expression of public opinion beyond opinion polling
  3. The interplay between politics and public opinion
  4. The role of the media and academics in opinion polling
  5. Opinions on national, regional and global issues
We would also like to invite international researchers to contribute data to our Special Panel on "World Trade Organization from the perspective of international public opinion" on a data sharing basis. Please read our document on the WTO Panel for more information.
Please send paper, panel and survey proposals to seminar organizer Dr Robert Chung at [email protected] as soon as possible, and in any case no later than November 1, 2005. Since this is the third and final call, we will only accept papers which fit well into other papers we have already accepted.
This regional seminar is organized in collaboration with the Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong, where the seminar will be held. Registration and accommodation details are publicized at http://hkupop.hku.hk and http://www.unl.edu/WAPOR. A limited number of scholarships and bursaries are also available.
December 2005 will be an ideal time to visit Hong Kong. With the Hong Kong Disneyland having just opened in September, and the World Trade Organization's ministerial meeting scheduled for December 13 to 18, Hong Kong will attract a lot of international tourists and activists. Professional pollsters should not miss the show and the intellectual experience. We have arranged a travel agent to take our participants to a half-day tour around Hong Kong on December 10, plus a package tour to Macau and South China from December 11 to 12. Details forthcoming in the two websites mentioned.

Please email: [email protected] if you are interested in attending the conference.


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