University Policies

 Equal Opportunity and Procedures for Handling Discrimination/Harassment Complaints
The University is committed to creating, promoting and maintaining an environment for staff and students which provides equality of opportunity, which is free of any discrimination and harassment. It supports equal opportunity and strongly opposes discrimination/harassment. The University will take whatever action may be needed to prevent, and if necessary, discipline behaviour which violates this Policy.
 No-smoking Policy
The University of Hong Kong is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is banned in the entire University campus except in areas designated where smoking is permissible, i.e. smoking venues.
 Sustainability Goals and Policy
To promote the development of a sustainable campus and through our teaching, research and engagement with relevant stakeholders to promote sustainable development, locally and internationally. In accordance with our commitment to protect and conserve biological diversity, no shark's fin dishes should be served at any function funded by the University, or within the University's campuses irrespective of the source of funding. Similarly, any requests for reimbursement of the cost of food for official entertainment outside the University which includes shark's fin dishes in any form will be rejected by the Finance and Enterprises Office.


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