HKU POP releases its final round of social indicators


Trend of core social indicators (half-yearly average)

  • “Freedom”
  • 6.60
  • 0.03
  • “Prosperity”
  • 6.55
  • 0.06
  • “Stability”
  • 6.29
  • 0.32
  • “Rule of law”
  • 6.20
  • 0.01
Our latest survey shows that among the five core social indicators, Hong Kong’s degree of “freedom” and “prosperity” scored the highest ratings, followed by “stability” and “compliance with rule of law”, and finally “democracy”. Compared to around half a year ago, the degree of “democracy” registered a significant increase while the degree of “stability” registered a significant decrease. As for the non-core social indicators, compared to a year ago, all 7 indicators have dropped. Among them, the drops of the degree of “public order”, “efficiency”, “social welfare sufficiency” and “fairness” are significant. The degree of “social welfare sufficiency” has even dropped to its record low since the question was first asked in 1997...