HKU POP releases the results of the Top 10 Legislative Councillors and Ratings of Best Corporations

  • James To scored
  • 56.2
  • 4.4
  • Alvin Yeung scored
  • 53.2
  • 1.9
  • Regina Ip scored
  • 53.0
  • 4.5
  • Mean score obtained by top 5 councillors
  • 52.8
  • --
POP conducted a double stage survey on the ratings of Legislative Councillors in July, by means of random telephone surveys conducted by real interviewers. Holden Chow has replaced Michael Tien to enter the ‘top 10’ list. In terms of absolute ratings, out of the 9 Councillors in the “top 10” list who were also rated last time, 7 have gone up, 2 have gone down. Among them, the rise in Regina Ip, James To, Lau Siu-lai, Chiang Lai-wan and Tanya Chan’s ratings have gone beyond sampling errors...