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All POP Polls shall be published for public consumption, preferably as soon as they are completed. Flexibility, however, is allowed on the timing of the release in order to let clients make full use of the research findings.


The POP Team shall be fully responsible for the research design, including the sampling method, questionnaire design, fieldwork supervision, data analysis, and report writing.


The POP Team reserves the right to add opinion or demographic questions to a survey which may not be of interest to the clients, provided that such questions are methodologically sound and do not impair the original design.


The POP Team shall retain the copyright of all the data gathered from the POP Polls, this right can be shared with the client.

  Full acknowledgment shall be given to POP and the client in any subsequent publication using whole or part of the data collected in any POP Poll.

POP shall deposit one set of reports at the Library of the University of Hong Kong at such time when the research findings are ready for public consumption.