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The publication of POP EXPRESS is the result of extreme dedication on the part of front-line social researchers. In great hardship and under extreme resources constraint, members of the Public Opinion Programme have continued their monthly editorial work of POP EXPRESS, on top of their already very heavy research work, for a very simple reason: we would like to share with the community at large the result of our opinion surveys as soon as they are collected, so that all and everyone can benefit from our research. Needless to say, opinion researchers can always make reference to our findings whenever they find it useful.


Since the first publication of POP EXPRESS in September 1996, we have constantly reviewed and revised its format and content, so that our opinion data could be presented in the most user-friendly fashion. We have kept our presentation simple, in order to let the figures speak for themselves. We have insisted on a bilingual presentation, and on providing all the necessary contact information of our surveys. This demonstrates our optimism in the future development of opinion surveys in Hong Kong.


We are not sure whether things would remain unchanged in the next fifty years, in fact, not even for the next five years. Nevertheless, we would try our very best to maintain, and upgrade, the standard of opinion surveys in Hong Kong, so that such surveys could be put to their better use. We hope the community at large would support us.


This Combined Volume #1 Special Issue of POP EXPRESS has bound together POP EXPRESS Issues Nos. 1 to 10, published before the reversal of the sovereignty over Hong Kong from Britain to China. It describes the sentiment of the people of Hong Kong in its final period of colonial history, and is an important source book for any historical study of Hong Kong.


CHUNG Ting-yiu Robert
Chief Editor of POP EXPRESS and
Head of the Public Opinion Programme
20 October 1997