POP Express Vol. 1 From the Editor - Inaugural StatementBack

September 1996

Since the setting up of the Public Opinion Programme (POP) within the SSRC of The University of Hong Kong in June 1991, we have been continually monitoring the development of public opinion over a variety of political and social issues, by means of different periodic, non-periodic and ad hoc opinion surveys.


Through this POP Express, we hope to provide the most recent public opinion findings for reference by the general public, including the media, scholars, politicians and leaders of our society. In other words, POP Express is a free publication for those who care about public opinion.


Due to limited space and resources, we can only highlight the major findings of our surveys. All survey reports are kept in the Library of The University of Hong Kong. Readers interested in purchasing a copy are welcome to contact our Centre. We only charge photocopying and binding costs, on top of postage if required. However, advanced payment is necessary.


As society becomes more open, scientific data on public opinion has become indispensible. Our POP Team pledges to try our best to contribute to the development of Hong Kong in this aspect.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert