POP Express Vol. 2 From the Editor - Analysis and CommentaryBack

October 1996

The inaugural issue of POP Express was well received. Our distribution list now covers over fifty organizations, on top of individual requests. Persons interested in receiving our POP Express should return the Request Form, which is printed at the back cover, to us as soon as possible.


While we publish our POP Express, our POP Team members are also submitting articles to newspapers. Nevertheless, it should be noted that individual members' views do not represent that of the POP Team, nor SSRC, nor the University. One basic tenet of academic freedom is that every academic is entitled to, and responsible for, one's own view. The POP Team, as a whole, is only responsible for the validity and accuracy of the data published. Where value statements are explicitly made, or implicitly implied, without individual authorship (a situation we always try to avoid), the leader of the POP Team shall be deemed responsible.


The main objective of our POP Express is to provide opinion data for public consumption. We will continue to keep our publication bilingual, although this created serious constraint on our resources and publication space. We believe that Hong Kong's cosmopolitan tradition is worth preserving, before and beyond 1997.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert