POP Express Vol. 5 From the Editor - The Contributions and Demerits of Deng XiaopingBack

January 1997

The year of 1997 would certainly be The Year of Hong Kong. Already, China's great production Deng Xiaoping: The Great Documentary has been screened in Hong Kong, and across the whole nation. Deng's contribution was officially reaffirmed.


Back in Hong Kong, the Legco hearing on the controversial resignation of Laurence Leung from the Directorship of Immigration is still going on, the relationship between the legislature and the executive arm of the government is being brought into question.


Perhaps we should also hear what people have to say.


In this issue, we released, for the first time, results from our China research series which tested people's feelings towards Deng Xiaoping since 1995, as well as people's reaction towards the Laurence Leung hearings. Needless to say, opinion changes, and readers should take extra care to use timely opinion data.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert