POP Express Vol. 7 From the Editor - Half-anniversary of POP EXPRESSBack

March 1997

Six months ago we published our first POP Express. To cater for increasing demands, especially for our earlier issues, we have decided to bind our previous volumes, together with relevant newspaper clippings, for sale. We are also accepting annual subscriptions, in order to widen our distribution network. The order forms are printed on the back cover.


Starting from this issue, we will report, on a regular basis, survey data on people's concern for and evaluation of Hong Kong's political, economic, and social conditions. Since 1992, the POP Team has been conducting these surveys regularly every two month.


The surveys on the public credibility of various organizations should also be of interest to the general reader. Although these are no longer hot issues, the findings reported herewith should be important benchmarks for studying the development of public institutions in Hong Kong.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert