POP Express Vol. 10From the Editor - Return of Sovereignty and Review of the June Fourth IncidentBack

June 1997

To some people, June may be a happy month to celebrate the end of the colonial rule. To others, it may be a sad month to commemorate the June Fourth Incident. Yet, to the opinion researcher, it is just another month of hard work.


The diversified, and probably contradicting, feelings among the general public is fully reflected in our special feature stories of the month. While people are very confident of having a smooth transition, many wished China would reverse its official stand on the June Fourth Incident.


Because June 1997 is such an important month, we have expanded our POP Express from twelve pages to twenty pages, just to make sure that all the important data are here, for everyone interested. We have, of course, not forgotten our regular surveys on Chris Patten, Tung Chee-hwa, other political figures, the news media, and various governments. We hope our effort will not be forgotten, after 1997.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert