POP Express Vol. 12 From the Editor - First Anniversary of POP EXPRESSBack

August 1997

One year ago, we started to publish our POP EXPRESS. Our circulation has since then increased from half hundred to half thousand. However, due to resources constraint, we would not be able to give out free copies after this issue. We will distribute them by fax and internet instead.


In the past twelve months, POP EXPRESS has recorded the reversal of Hong Kong's sovereignty, the rise of Tung Chee-hwa, the departure of the British, the birth of a new gentry, and the death of Deng Xiaoping. At this fifty or so days after the transition, nobody is talking about the Preliminary Working Committee, the Preparatory Committee, or the Legislative Council any more, nor are people interested in the British government. They are all by-gones.


By August, people's trust in the Beijing Central Government has reached a new height, while distrust has fallen to a record low in five years. However, people were not very satisfied with the current social and political conditions, and faith in the local government has further fallen. Is the gap between Hong Kong and mainland closing? Or is it just another turning point?


May be our mission is not over yet.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert