POP Express Vol. 14 From the Editor - The Chief Executive's Maiden Policy Address Back

October 1997

The delivery of the SAR Chief Executive's maiden policy address on 8 October marked the beginning of the new policy cycle. Findings from instant polls conducted by the POP Team have registered very different immediate reaction from the general public towards Chris Patten and Tung Chee-hwa's policy addresses. Put it simple, people reacted to Patten's first two addresses much more favourably than Tung's first one, which in turn was better than Patten's last two.


Tracked across the policy years, however, people's satisfaction with Patten's policy addresses usually dropped from high to low. Whether Tung's policy addresses would follow the same pattern or not remains to be seen. What is sure is that people's satisfaction with Tung's maiden address dropped significantly after one week. Whichever the direction of change, the POP Team will continue to closely monitor people's reaction to Tung and the SAR Government. This is our performance pledge.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert