POP Express Vol. 15 From the Editor - President Jiang Zemin's Visit to the United States and the Election of the Hong Kong Deputies to the National People's CongressBack

November 1997

When President Jiang Zemin visited the United States, the international media was quick to focus on Jiang's reaction to the Taiwan and Tibet issues. What about the view of Hong Kong people? In this issue, the POP Team presents, for the first time, findings from a series of tracking polls on the Taiwan and Tibet issues, along popularity ratings of Jiang, and people's evaluation of his trip to the United States.


Recently, but never before, the election of the Hong Kong Deputies to the National People's Congress has captured the attention of many Hong Kong people. Naturally, the POP Team has followed the issue closely, and is releasing some latest poll results in this POP EXPRESS.


Coupled with other findings on political, livelihood, and media issues, this POP EXPRESS appears to be fairly balanced in terms of national, local, political, and social issues, probably reflecting new developments of society under the principle of "one country, two systems".


Chung Ting-yiu Robert