POP Express Vol. 26 From the Editor - The Second Policy Address of Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwaBack

October 1998

October is always a busy month for us. Before the head of our government delivered his policy address, the POP Team had to wrap up our tracking surveys on the government's performance in the year past, study people's expectation for this year's address, and conduct instant polls on people's reaction after hearing the address. This year is no exception. However, a number of electronic media have decided to gauge public opinion using audience phone-in polling, rather than scientific sample surveys. As it turned out, such a move has attracted the participation of a large number of dissatisfied audience, and distorted the whole picture. Under such circumstances, both fortunately and unfortunately, the POP Team has to take up an extra role of safeguarding the objectivity of opinion data.


October is also the month when we have the "national days". We have released, through various channels, a series of surveys on people's sense of identity and their views on "Double Ten" for public consumption.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert