POP Express Vol. 28 From the Editor - 1998 Year-end ReviewBack

December 1998

As the end of year approaches, the POP Team is busily conducting a series of year-end surveys, and a review of the public sentiment in the first 18 months of the HKSAR's existence. The result of these exercises will be published in our next issue.


Meanwhile, we would like to update our readers with findings from our tracking surveys on social indicators, freedom indicators, people's confidence in Hong Kong's future, popularity ratings of Legislative Councillors, political groups, our SAR Chief Executive, and so on. The list has included most of our tracking surveys.


Moreover, we have also carried the result of an ad hoc survey on the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, which we issued as an Extra on 11 December 1998, as a modest contribution to the ongoing discussion on the security scheme.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert