POP Express Vol. 30 From the Editor - The Popularity of Legislative CouncillorsBack

February 1999

Happy Chinese New Year! The POP Team did not quite stop working during the holidays. On the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, we again measured the popularity of the Chief Executive. Otherwise the data contained in this newsletter were mainly from tracking surveys conducted in January - except that of "Supercharged 991 Poll Series" which did not appear before in our POP EXPRESS.


The series was a cooperation between the Commercial Radio and the POP Team since June 1998, whereby instant polls are conducted almost daily. Between December 1998 and January 1999, a sub-series on the popularity of direct elected Legislative Councillors was conducted, and the results released on a day to day basis. Because the subject matter of the series is very similar to that of our tracking polls, we have decided to carry them in this issue for our readers' early reference. Other results of the Supercharged Series will be compiled into combined volumes at a later date.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert