POP Express Vol. 35 From the Editor - "Healthy Living" in a Moment of Rest Back

July 1999

By whoever's wisdom, Hong Kong's transition had fallen right in the middle of the year. For this reason, our POP Team had to double our annual wrap-up exercises from every twelve months to become every six month. July 1999 is, of course, another right time we cannot miss.


Our Roundup Series of the Second Handover Anniversary has recorded the result of almost seventy tracking questions, subsumed under twelve broad topics, across four six-month periods for most questions. And there is more…


To celebrate the near "wrapping up" of Right of Abode Issue, we have released our latest figures which demonstrated the effect of the magic figure "1.67 million" - the government estimate of mainlanders born of Hong Kong residents.


While the revelation of such magic is part of our job, it is not for us to say whether such tricks are right or wrong. Opinion researchers are there to read and explain, magicians are there to play.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert