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August 1999

Although 1999 is another election year, the District Council elections would not be held until late November. August is, therefore, a quiet month.


When our Legislative Council members and senior government officials are enjoying their holidays, we are publishing the results of our regular tracking surveys, as usual.


Moreover, we have grasped this opportunity to publish the interim results of a series of surveys relating to the "Healthy Living Campaign". Such surveys are commissioned by the HKSAR Government since December 1998, and are designed and conducted independently by our POP Team. They comprise large scale benchmark surveys and smaller scale regular tracking surveys. The main objective is to monitor people's evaluation of the hygiene condition of Hong Kong, as well as people's way of living. The result of these surveys have been publicized by the government through the internet, press releases and conferences. We are simply highlighting the major indicators here. Readers interested in obtaining the full reports please contact the Steering Committee on Healthy Living directly.


Chung Ting-yiu Robert