POP Site Editor's Casual Remarks – Welcome 2007Back

Note: These remarks represent the view of the author and not the University of Hong Kong.

2007 is an important year.

On the one hand, the tenth anniversary of the HKSAR calls for refreshed thinking and review. On the other hand, another wave of public elections is a about to begin.

For us at HKUPOP, a complete 15 years of history has just elapsed.

At this critical period of time, our POP Site will be gradually enhanced and revised. Today we issue our brand new feature page "Opinion Daily", and use CE's popularity figures as a starting point, to demonstrate the vigour of daily figures.

Also from today, we add detailed figures of error margins in our regular press releases, in order to promote the use of such figures and to fill up some gaps in the domain of civic education.

Robert Ting-Yiu Chung
January 16, 2007