POP Site Editor's Casual Remarks – Opinion Daily now includes a ChronologyBack

Note: These remarks represent the view of the author and not the University of Hong Kong.

"Opinion Daily" is updated. It now comprises a chronology of significant societal events, good for analyzing the ups and downs of public opinion on a daily basis.

By "significant events", we mean events which are covered by more than half or one-quarter of all local newspapers in their headlines and commentaries one day after. They form the basis of matching fluctuations in polling figures on a day-to-day basis.

Some readers may find our "Opinion Daily" too sophisticated. This is understandable. However, our main purpose is not to complicate general poll findings, but to provide more information for policy and opinion researchers to study opinion fluctuations.

In the past, every now and then, major events occurred in the middle of our fieldwork period and caused rapid changes in our figures. Due to limited space, we only explained their occurrences briefly in our press releases and only under very desperate situations. Shall similar events happen again, readers and journalists can now make use of our "Opinion Daily" to arrive at their own judgment much more quickly and accurately.

Robert Ting-Yiu Chung
January 19, 2007