Background Information of HKU Student Research TeamBack


The HKU Student Research Team is formed by a group of voluntary researchers in the University of Hong Kong, who are passionate in current affairs. It is supported by the Public Opinion Programme (POP), headed by Dr Robert Chung Ting-Yiu. The Team emphasizes on doing high quality work by self-initiative. It provides opportunities for students to learn, organize and practice social research, while at the same time provide useful data for public consumption and academic studies.


The Team is not yet under any student association, but will very likely do so in due course. By then, membership of the Team may be extended to HKU alumni, associates and friends, and the Team will be run by office bearers elected by Team members. For the time being, the following are voluntary organizers of the Team (listed in the order of joining the Team):


Project DC03 is the first project undertaken by the Team, future research projects may include the study of mass demonstrations in Hong Kong, 2004 Taiwan Presidential Election, 2004 Hong Kong Legislative Council Election, and so on, depending on members' interest.