HKU POP SITE releases the latest survey on June Fourth IncidentBack

Press Release on June 1, 2001

The Public Opinion Programme (POP) at The University of Hong Kong today releases the result of its latest annual survey on people's opinion on the June Fourth Incident, via its website called the "HKU POP SITE" ( Since 1993, the POP Team has conducted annual surveys in the days leading to June 4 each year, to gauge people's changing attitude towards the incident. Topics covered in these surveys include people's support of the Beijing students and the central government's reaction, their appraisal of human right conditions in China, their rating of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of the Patriotic Democratic Movement in China, and their urge to promote economic and democratic movement in China. Our latest finding shows that public opinion in these aspects has become very stable in the past four years, but the ratings of the Alliance has continued to drop in the last two years. Relevant figures and methodological notes are available at the HKU POP Site.


The POP Team will continue to conduct these annual surveys, until the public is no longer interested. Our team members are happy to answer any question regarding the research design of these surveys, but would not comment on their results. Such an arrangement would be reviewed when we have more resources.