The Public Opinion Programme (POP) was established in June 1991 to collect and study public opinion on topics that could be of interest to academics, journalists, policy-makers, and the general public. POP was at first under the Social Sciences Research Centre, a unit under the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong, and was transferred to the Journalism and Media Studies Centre in the University of Hong Kong in May 2000. In January 2002, it was transferred back to the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Hong Kong. Since its establishment, POP has been conducting opinion researches on various social and political issues, and provides quality survey services to a wide range of public and subvented bodies if they agree to publicize the findings to the general public, and allow the research team to design and conduct the research independently, including the sampling method, questionnaire design, fieldwork supervision, data analysis, and report writing.
In March 2004, the Office of Legislative Councillor Eric K.C. Li commissioned the POP Team to conduct a questionnaire survey on professional accountants' views on constitutional reform in Hong Kong. The research instrument used in this study was designed entirely by the POP Team after consulting the client, whilst fieldwork operation and data analysis were also conducted independently by the POP Team. The main period of the survey was 20 May - 1 June 2004, followed by an extension period from 2 - 16 June 2004. A total of 316 questionnaires were returned to the research team via mail, fax or online submission, but only 299 passed the subsequent verification procedures and become the final sample of this survey. Hence, the effective response rate was 1.33% and the standard error due to sampling was less than 2.9 percentage points. Due to the exceedingly low response rate, all findings in this report should not be taken as representative of professional accountants in Hong Kong.