Primary Election of the Democrats for Hong Kong Island<br> Legislative Council By-Election 2007Back

In preparation for the Legco by-election for the HK Island constituency held on December 2, 2007, the pan-democratic Legislative Councilors set up a Working Group on Hong Kong Island Legislative Council By-Election and unprecedentedly established a primary election mechanism which integrated public opinion with internal opinion of the democrats. The mechanism aimed at nominating one common candidate to take part in the by-election. The democrats' working group also agreed to establish a webpage at HKUPOP's website to demonstrate the mechanism to Hong Kong people in the most transparent way, as a historical archive. According to the primary election mechanism agreed by the democrats, they would hold a candidate debate, followed by voting by representatives and then a public opinion survey. The appraisal ratio was set as follow: 50% for the opinion polling of Hong Kong Island residents; 30% for voting by not more than 300 delegates from 10 pan-democratic groups involved in the coordination process; 10% for voting by the 25 pan-democratic Legislative Councilors; 10% for voting by 22 Hong Kong Island District Councilors belonging to democratic organizations. This webpage keeps track of each and every part of the primary election mechanism as a historical archive.