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Research Background

The survey instrument is jointly designed by the Public Opinion Programme and Radio Television Hong Kong. All the operations, data collection and analysis are done independently by the Public Opinion Programme without the interference of any other party. 

Survey Question: Five legislative councilors resigned in 2010 leading to a de-facto universal suffrage in Hong Kong. They were re-elected in the by-election. There have been opinions in the need of amending the law to prevent similar situation from happening; at the same time there are opinions saying that it is alright for legislative councilors to resign and be re elected as a legitimate means to pass on political message without having suffrage. Do you think the government should restrict resigning Members from participating in any by-election in the same term or to maintain the status quo, that is, to have by-election ?

Research Team members

Project Director :
Robert Ting-yiu CHUNG

Project Manager :
Karie Ka-Lai PANG

Research Executive:
Frank Wai-kin LEE

Data Analysts :
Edward Chit-fai TAI and
Kelvin Chung-ho YU

Contact information

Date of Survey : 29/8-7/9/2011
Survey method : Telephone survey with interviewers
Target population : Cantonese speaking Hong Kong population of age 18 or above

Sampling method

Telephone numbers were selected randomly from residential telephone directories and mixed with additional numbers generated by the computer. If more than one subject had been available, the one who had his/her birthday next was selected.

Sample size

: 1,008 successful cases

Response rate

: 61.0%

Standard Error

: Less than 2%, i.e. at 95% confidence level, sampling error of all percentages are less than +/-3 percentage points.

| Research Background | Research Team members | Contact information | Frequency Tables |