HKU POP releases the latest social indicators and the ratings of the best retail corporations


Trend of core social indicators (half-yearly average)

  • “Freedom”
  • 7.11
  • 0.39
  • “Rule of law”
  • 6.74
  • 0.45
  • “Democracy”
  • 5.65
  • 0.09
  • “Fairness of the judicial system”
  • 6.35
  • 0.30
Our latest survey shows that compared to around half a year ago when figures were rather low, most social indicators have risen, reflecting that people appraised the Hong Kong society more positively now than early this year. To be specific, among the ratings of the 5 core social indicators, “prosperity”, “freedom” and “rule of law” have rebounded significantly, while “stability” and “democracy” have dropped slightly...