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Step 1: Late submissions
Submissions received after the 23:59 of January 11, 2003 were not processed. A total of 26,122 submissions were kept as preliminary valid cases.
Step 2: Unknown personal particulars
939 cases without any personal particular were dropped, and the remaining 25,183 cases entered the next stage.
Step 3: Doubtful leaflet codes
62 cases with repeated leaflet codes were identified, only the last submission of each case was kept. 60 cases with invalid leaflet codes were dropped; another 22,610 cases with null leaflet codes were also dropped, leaving behind 2,451 valid cases.
Step 4: Repetitive IP addresses
1,631 skeptical cases with repetitive IP addresses were identified, they were examined in terms of their time-chop, nature of their outgoing website, and content of their submissions. Finally, 20 cases were confirmed to be repetitive and were eliminated from the dataset. The remaining 2,431 submissions comprised the final sample.
Figure 1. Verification procedures for online submissions