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Step 1: Late submissions
Submissions received after the 23:59 of July 4, 2005 were not processed. A total of 476 submissions were kept as preliminary valid cases.
Step 2: Unknown personal particulars
13 cases without any personal particular were dropped, and the remaining 463 cases entered the next stage.
Step 3: Doubtful leaflet codes
4 cases with repeated leaflet codes were identified, only the last submission of each case was kept. 8 cases with invalid leaflet codes were dropped; another 40 cases with null leaflet codes were also dropped, leaving behind 411 valid cases.
Step 4: Repetitive IP addresses
54 skeptical cases with repetitive IP addresses were identified, they were examined in terms of their time-chop, nature of their outgoing website, and content of their submissions. Finally, 0 case was confirmed to be repetitive and was eliminated from the dataset. The remaining 411 submissions comprised the final sample.
Figure 1. Verification procedures for online submissions