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Opinions from an online survey of some participants of the July 1 Rally 2007 are carried by this platform. Because online surveys are not representative, their results can only serve as rough references.
 Opinion Statistics of Online Survey (conducted on 1-4/7/2007; released on 12/7/2007; on-line from 12/7/2007) (Chinese only)
The tables in this section show the statistics of opinions from the online survey submitted by the participants of the July 1 Rally 2007 who have passed our identity check. In the Rally, 5,550 leaflets with password were distributed to invite the participants to complete the online survey in a specific website. After 3 days, we have received 362 questionnaires with valid passwords. 
 Full text of on-line questionnaire (conducted on 1-4/7/2007)
Our usual practice is to publish our research method and questionnaire design in complete detail. We encourage members of the public to form their own views of our work, after reading through all relevant material. We use similar questionnaires for all surveys of mass rally participants.