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Questionnaire unit no : TP0505A_11 (Rating of Most Well-known Political Groups)

Part I Good evening, sir/madam, this is Mr/Miss X, an interviewer from the Public Opinion Programme of the University of Hong Kong. We would like to ask for your opinion on some social issues which would only take you a couple of minutes. Please be rest assured that your phone number was randomly selected by our computer and your information provided will be kept strictly confidential. If you have any questions regarding this interview, you can contact our supervisor XXX at xxxx xxxx, or call xxxx xxxx during office hours to verify this interview's authenticity and confirm my identity.

S1-Is your phone number xxxx xxxx?
No (skip to end)

S2-Which district are you living in?
Central / Western
Kwun Tong
Kowloon City
Wong Tai Sin
Sham Shui Po
Yau Tsim
Sai Kung
Tsuen Wan
Kwai Tsing
Tuen Mun
Yuen Long
Tai Po
Refuse to answer

S3-How many members are there in your household?
Refuse to answer

Part II Selection of Respondent

S4-How many members are there in your household aged 18 or above at this moment? (Interviewers can directly ask if there is only one qualified respondent at home. If so, interviewer can interview him / her at once.) Since we need to conduct random sampling, if there is more than one available, I would like to speak to the one who will have his / her birthday next. (Interviewer can illustrate with examples: "that means is there anyone who will have his / her birthday in May or the coming three months?")【If there is no household member aged 18 or above, interview can be terminated.】
No (skip to end)
Household-level refusal (skip to end)
Known respondent refusal (skip to end)

Part III Survey Questions

Q1-Please name up to ten political groups that you are most familiar with. (multiple response)
Hong Kong Association for Democracy & People's Livelihood
Business and Professionals Federation of Hong Kong
Citizens Party
Co-operative Resources Centre
Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong
Democratic Party
The Federation for the Stability of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions
Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movement in China
Hong Kong Democratic Foundation
Hong Kong Progressive Alliance and The Liberal Democratic Federation (Merged with DAB)
Heung Yee Kuk
Liberal Democratic Federation of Hong Kong
Liberal Party
Meeting Point
The New Hong Kong Alliance
Social Democratic Front
United Democrats of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
The Neighbourhood and Workers Service
April Fifth Action
Civil Force
New Century Forum
United Ants
Hong Kong Alliance of Chinese and Expatriates
HK People Association
Reform Club
HK Civic Assocaition
The Hong Kong Human Rights Commission
Synergynet group
Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor
Democracy Union 2000
Anti-Tung Solidarity
The Livelihood Coalition
C & W Democratic Power
Civic Act-up
Wan Chai Community Union
Justice Union
7.1 People Pile
The Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions
New Youth Forum
Democratic Justice Union
Yuen Long Tin Shui Wai Democratic Alliance
The Matrix of Democracy and Civil Liberty
New Forum
Regional Youth Artist Association (HK)
Article 45 Concern Group
Civil Human Rights Front
7.1 Union Front
Others (please specify)
Don't know / hard to say
Refuse to answer

V1-Are you a registered voter?
Yes (including those who have just registered)
Refuse to answer

V2-【Only for registered voters】Did you vote in the Legislative Council Election last year?
Refuse to answer

V3-【Only for registered voters】Did you vote in the District Council Election in November 2003?
No: because the councillors were automatically elected
No: can vote but has not voted
No: not yet registered at that time
Refuse to answer

V4-【Only for registered voters】Have you ever voted in the past Council elections in all tiers?
No: not yet registered
No: already registered
Refuse to answer

Part IV Personal information - I'd like to know some of your personal particulars in order to facilitate our analysis.


D2-Age【Input exact number】
18 to 25
26 to 50
51 to 75
76 to 98
Refuse to answer

D3-Education Attainment
Primary or below
Tertiary, non-degree course
Tertiary, degree course
Postgraduate or above
Refuse to answer

D4-The type of ownership of your house is:
Self-purchased, or
Refuse to answer

D5-House type
Public housing estate
Housing Authority subsidized sale flats
Housing Society subsidized sale flats
Private housing
Village: villas / bungalows / modern village houses
Village: simple stone structures / traditional village houses
Public temporary housing
Private temporary housing
Staff quarters
Refuse to answer

Managers and administrators
Associate professionals
Service workers and shop sales workers
Skilled agricultural and fishery workers
Craft and related workers
Plant and machine operators and assemblers
Non-skilled workers
Others (unemployed, retired, etc.)
Refuse to answer

D7-Which class do you consider your family belongs to? (Interviewer to read out the first 5 options)
Upper class
Upper-middle class
Middle class
Lower-middle class
Lower class or grassroots
Don't know / hard to say
Refuse to answer

D8-Is your family in negative equity?
Don't know / hard to say
Refuse to answer

D9-Place of birth
Hong Kong
Mainland China
Southeast Asia(e.g. Malaysia、Indonesia、Vietnam)
Don't know
Refuse to answer

D10-How long have you been living in Hong Kong?
Refuse to answer

Questionnaire unit no : TP0505A_11 (Rating of Most Well-known Political Groups)

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