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Questionnaire unit no : TP180401_01 (Popularity of Chief Executive)

Part I Self-introduction -- Good afternoon/evening, Mr. /Ms. /Mrs., my name is X, an interviewer from the Public Opinion Programme (POP) at The University of Hong Kong. We would like to ask your opinions on some social issues, this will only take you around 10 minutes. I would like to stress that your number is randomly drawn from our database and your information provided will be kept strictly confidential and used for aggregate analysis only. If you have any questions about the research, you can call xxxx xxxx to talk to our supervisors. If you want to know more about the rights as a participant, please contact The University of Hong Kong (full name: Human Research Ethics Committee of The University of Hong Kong) at xxxx xxxx during office hours. For quality control purpose, our conversation will be recorded for internal reference. All data containing personal identifiers and the recording will be destroyed within six months upon project completion. Is it okay for us to start this survey?


No (Interview ends. Thank you, and bye-bye.)

S1 May I know if your telephone number is xxxx-xxxx?

Yes (ask S2)

No (Interview ends. Thank you for your cooperation. Bye-bye.)

Part IIa Selection of Respondent (for landline samples)

S2a The target population of this survey is Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above. May I know how many members in your household belong to this group?

One, only one (Interview starts)[If the one answering the phone does not belong to the target group, invite the belonged respondent to pick up the phone and repeat “self-introduction”]

More than one, ____ (ask S3)

No (Interview ends. Thank you for your cooperation. Bye-bye.)

Refuse to answer (Interview ends. Thank you for your cooperation. Bye-bye.)

S3 Since there is more than one available, we hope that all qualified family members have equal chance to be interviewed. I would like to speak to the one who will have her birthday next. [Interviewer can ask: “is there anyone whose birthday is in April or the coming three months?]

Yes–The one answered the phone is the respondent (Interview starts)

Yes–Another family member is the respondent【Interviewer repeat self-introduction】(Interview starts)

The qualified family member is not at home / not available【Interviewer to make appointment for interview】

No–Family member refuses to answer (Interview ends. Thank you for your cooperation. Bye-bye.)

No–Respondent refuses to answer (Interview ends. Thank you for your cooperation. Bye-bye.)

Part IIb Selection of Respondent (for mobile samples)

S2b The target population of this survey is Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above. Do you belong to this group?


No (Interview ends. Thank you for your cooperation. Bye-bye.)

Part III Survey Questions

Q1-Please use a scale of 0-100 to rate your extent of support to the Chief Executive Carrie Lam, with 0 indicating absolutely not supportive, 100 indicating absolutely supportive and 50 indicating half-half. How would you rate the Chief Executive Carrie Lam?


Don't know her

Don't know

Refuse to answer

Q2-If a general election of the Chief Executive were to be held tomorrow, and you had the right to vote, would you vote for Carrie Lam?



Don't know / hard to say

Refuse to answer

V1-Are you a registered voter?

Yes (including those who have just registered)


Refuse to answer

LC22-(Only for registered voters) Have you ever voted in the past Council elections, including Legislative Council and District Council?


No, I was a voter

No, I was not a voter


Refuse to answer

LC23D-Political Inclination (Read out the first 3 answers, order to be randomized by computer)

Inclined toward the pro-democracy camp

Inclined toward the pro-establishment camp

Inclined toward the centrist

No political inclination / Politically neutral / Don’t belong to any camp


Don’t know / Hard to say

Refuse to answer

Part IV Personal information - I'd like to know some of your personal particulars in order to facilitate our analysis.




D2-Age【Input exact number】


Refuse to answer

D2b-[Only for respondents who are unwilling to disclose their exact age] Age (range) [Interviewers can read out the ranges]












70 or above

Refuse to answer

D3-Education Attainment

Primary or below

Secondary 1 to Secondary 3

Secondary 4 to Secondary 5

Secondary 6

Secondary 7

Tertiary, non-degree course

Tertiary, degree course

Master's degree

Doctoral degree

Refuse to answer

D4-The type of ownership of your house is:

Self-purchased, or


Refuse to answer

D5-House type

Public housing estate

Housing Authority subsidized sale flats

Housing Society subsidized sale flats

Private housing

Village: villas / bungalows / modern village houses

Village: simple stone structures / traditional village houses

Public temporary housing

Private temporary housing

Staff quarters


Refuse to answer

D6-Your marital status is :


Married/ Cohabiting

Divorced / Separated/Widowed

Refuse to answer


Managers and administrators


Associate professionals


Service workers and shop sales workers

Skilled agricultural and fishery workers

Craft and related workers

Plant and machine operators and assemblers

Non-skilled workers




Others (unemployed, retired, etc.)

Refuse to answer

D8-Which class do you consider your family belongs to? (Interviewer to read out the first 5 options)

Upper class

Upper-middle class

Middle class

Lower-middle class

Lower class or grassroots

Don't know / hard to say

Refuse to answer

D9-Place of birth

Hong Kong

Mainland China



Southeast Asia(e.g. Malaysia、Indonesia、Vietnam)






Don't know

Refuse to answer

D10-How long have you been living in Hong Kong?



Refuse to answer

D11-Which district are you living in?



Central / Western


Kwun Tong

Kowloon City

Wong Tai Sin


Sham Shui Po

Yau Tsim

Sai Kung



Tsuen Wan

Kwai Tsing

Tuen Mun

Yuen Long


Tai Po

Refuse to answer

Questionnaire unit no : TP180401_01 (Popularity of Principal Officials)

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