HKU POP releases another survey on Occupy MovementBack

Press Release on December 10, 2014


The Public Opinion Programme (POP) of The University of Hong Kong has previously opened a new page at “PopCon” ( to let people suggest questions for general surveys of the Hong Kong public. POP has selected some of the proposed questions and conducted three surveys. The results of the first two surveys were released on November 19 and 20 via “PopCon”.


The third survey was completed last night, and the preliminary results are again released via “PopCon” today. The questions asked in the third survey include: “To what extent do you support or oppose the Occupy Movement initiated by students and citizens?” and “To what extent do you support or oppose how the government handles the participants of the Occupy Movement?” The former is a tracking question for time series analysis, while the latter is a contrast question for comparing with the former. As usual, POP will release the raw data of the survey early next week.


On the latest “PopCon Survey”, Director of POP Robert Chung observed, “Our survey shows that those who support the students or the government are both minorities. To overcome this lose-lose situation, both sides must exercise restraint, try to understand, tolerate and not agitate each other, in order to resolve the problem in a civilized and rational way.”