Director of POP releases a column article called “Chung’s Blunt Words: June Four Twenty-Seventh”Back

June 3, 2016


Robert Chung the Director of Public Opinion Programme (POP) at The University of Hong Kong today releases the fifth article on his online column “Chung’s Blunt Words”. The fifth article is entitled “June Four Twenty-Seventh”, which records the author’s comments on the June Fourth Incident. “Chung’s Blunt Words” is an irregular column, and all articles will be uploaded onto the newly set up facebook page, “Chung’s Blunt Words” ( The copyrights of all articles are open to the world, the media is welcome to re-publish the articles in full or in part, early or concurrent publication can also be arranged.


The article of entitled “Six Four Twenty-Seventh” is expected to be released this afternoon concurrently by the “HKU POP Site” (, “Stand News”, “Pentoy” and “Inmeida HK”.