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Press Release on October 10, 2018

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Since 1992, the Public Opinion Programme (POP) at The University of Hong Kong has been conducting Policy Address instant surveys every year. From 1998 onwards, we expanded our instant surveys to cover the Budget Talks. Starting from 2008, we split up our instant survey into two rounds of surveys. In our first survey, we measure people’s overall appraisal of the Policy Address, their rating of the Policy Address, their change in confidence towards Hong Kong’s future, and CE’s popularity. In our second survey, we focus on people’s reactions towards different government proposals, their satisfaction with CE’s policy direction, and other relevant issues. Starting from July 2017, other than using landline samples, POP introduced mobile numbers in all its regular surveys to become mixed mode samples, initially at one-fifth of all samples, now increased to one-third. For instant surveys, on top of the mixed mode random samples described, an equal number of “panel samples” would be added. These are pre-selected random samples who have agreed to be re-interviewed on the survey day. Moreover, “effective response rate” would be used to describe all samples. As for the weighting method, all data would be rim-weighted according to latest figures provided by the Census and Statistics Department regarding the gender, age, educational attainment and economic activity status distribution of the Hong Kong population.

This year, our instant survey on policy address will begin at 4:30pm this afternoon, involving around 60 telephone interviewers. Once finished, preliminary results will be released via our “POP Site” ( for the public consumption, at around 9:30pm. The questions to be released include: “How satisfied are you with Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s Policy Address delivered today?” and “Please use a scale of 0-100 to rate your degree of satisfaction of the policy address delivered by Chief Executive Carrie Lam today, with 0 indicating very dissatisfied, 100 indicating very satisfied and 50 indicating half-half.” Detailed results including those of other questions will be released around noon tomorrow (October 11).

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