HKU POP and media conduct exit polls on September 12Back

Press Release on September 10

Since 1991, whenever there are large-scale geographical elections, the Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong would conduct exit polls, with no exception, to study voter behaviour and help the media to forecast the result as early as possible. This year we have obtained sponsors from the media for the exit polls. Statistics obtained will first be released to the public through the sponsors, then uploaded to the HKU POP site for public consumption at a later date.


The exit poll will start as soon as voting begins in the morning. After the sample size reaches an appropriate level, the media will begin to announce figures relating to voters' motivation, their decision process and general opinions. After the polling ends, the media will announce those candidates' lists with higher possibility to win based on the statistics and forecast by POP.


The exit polls are designed and operated by POP independently, adhering strictly to political neutrality, and not affected by the media. POP will not publish any predication of winners before the close of poll, nor shall we communicate our findings to any candidate formally or informally. Therefore, if any candidate uses slogans like "Exit poll shows that we are now losing by a small margin" to rally support, they have nothing to do with POP.


Dr Robert Ting-Yiu Chung, Director of Public Opinion Programme, hereby urges all political parties or individual candidates who may conduct exit polls for electoral engineering purpose, to abide by the professional standards. Most important of all, they must not cheat any voter. Exit poll interviewers employed by POP will wear work permits and blue arm bands, they will also carry official identification documents issued by POP.


Besides, POP will also provide limited support to a self-initiated volunteer research team formed by HKU students. They will also wear work permits, but without arm bands. Also, they will not conduct polls at the same station with the poll interviewers employed by POP. Shall any person have any other questions, please email them to us at <[email protected]>.