HKU POP SITE will release July 1 rally headcount figures tomorrow and the results of an on-site survey in due courseBack

Second Press Release on June 30, 2006
The HKU Student Research Team will conduct a head-count of July 1 rally participants tomorrow, and release its preliminary results via the "HKU POP SITE" ( tomorrow evening, within 2 hours after the rally, free of charge. Dr Robert Chung Ting-Yiu, Director of HKUPOP, is the Honourary Advisor of the HKU Student Research Team.
HKUPOP will also conduct an on-site survey of July 1 rally participants, in order to understand their background and demands. Preliminary results of the survey will be opened to print media sponsors at around 10 pm via password-controlled links in the "POP SITE". The link will be opened to the public 24 hours later.
To read the headcount and survey figures, one can first click on, then click on the picture icon for "July 1 Rally Feature Page", and then choose "July 1 Rally Head Counting Project 2006" or "Onsite Survey during July 1 Rally 2006". Alternatively, one can go to the home page, click on "Special Features" on the left menu, then click "July 1 Rally Feature Page", and then choose.
The "July 1 Rally Feature Page" contains a lot of survey findings and head count figures obtained in previous years, they are good for making comparisons.
Any print media interested in sponsoring the onsite survey can call Miss Chau at 2859 2988, or send her an email at [email protected]