HKU POP SITE releases Exit Poll Arrangements for Legislative Council Election of 2008Back

Press Release on September 5, 2008

The Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong has already uploaded the full list of polling stations selected for POP's exit poll for the Legislative Council election to be held on September 7, 2008 onto "HKU POP SITE" ( for public reference. POP has selected 120 stations plus 64 on reserve. POP's interviewers will conduct the interviews according to prescribed time segments and a random method. They will all wear a uniform with "HKU POP 港大民研" clearly marked. POP respects every citizen's right to accept or refuse such interviews. POP will not publish any projection figure before the close of poll, nor use any such data for election engineering. We welcome members of the public to contact us for any enquiry on POP's exit poll operation, or reporting suspicious cases to contact.