HKU POP SITE releases About Exit Poll Arrangements for Legislative Council By-election of 2010Back

Press Release on May 13, 2010

To fulfill its social responsibility, the Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong will conduct an exit poll on May 16, 2010 during the Legislative Council by-election, primarily for study purpose and supplemented by some projection functions. POP has selected 42 stations plus 6 on reserve. POP interviewers will conduct the interviews according to prescribed time segments and a random sampling method. All of them will all wear a vest with "HKU POP 港大民研" clearly marked. POP will process the data and then forward it to the sponsors, who have pledged that they would not, under any circumstances before the close of poll, send the data directly or indirectly to any candidate or organization competing in the election, or use the data to assist any election campaign. As a matter of fact, except for the feature constituency of Kowloon West, there will not be any prediction of winner in any case. POP has already uploaded the full list of polling stations selected for the exit poll onto the "HKU POP SITE" at for public reference. POP respects every citizen's right to accept or decline such interviews. We will also not use any such data for election engineering. We welcome members of the public to contact us any time if they have questions, or if they find suspicious cases of exit poll interviews.