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20 March, 2012

 “3.21 Mock Civil Referendum Project”


Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong will co-host the “3.21 Mock Civil Referendum Project” with The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) tomorrow.  Paper and pen voting will be responsible by BGCA and the electronic voting will be responsible by POP. Results of the 3.21 voting in schools will be aggregated with those of BGCA’s “Youngsters vote for the next CE” activity and released by BGCA on 22 March.


Polling stations arrangement of the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project”


POP decides to set up 3 formal polling stations, 5 mobile polling stations and 7 subsidiary polling stations on the day of the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project” as follows:

Formal Polling stations

Mobile Polling stations

Subsidiary polling stations

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The exhibition gallery of the Tuen Mun Town Hall

Y-Square (Y2) in Chai Wan

West Kowloon
(Sham Shui Po)
New Territories East

New Territories East
(Sheung Shui)
New Territories West
(Yuen Long)
New Territories West
(Tsuen Wan)

Assembly Hall at Sassoon Road, HKU

Ho Tim Hall of HKU

Main Campus of HKU

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Federation of the Blind (Shun Chi Street, Kwun Tong)

Silence Association
(Pak Tin Estate, Shek Kip Mei)

Hong Kong Association of the Deaf (Ap Lei Chau Estate, Aberdeen)


Because of the limited number of polling stations, POP encourages all Hong Kong citizens to cast their votes using personal computers or smartphones as far as possible on 3.23, so as to allow polling stations to be used by citizens in need.



“3.23 Civil Referendum Project” online voting system for public testing


The online voting system of the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project” has been launched for public trial and the first phase of testing will be opened until 20:00 on 20 March. The public can log onto for trial voting, results of the trial voting will be erased and will not be used in the final analysis of the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project”. The second phase of testing will start from 00:00 till 20:00 of 21 March to imitate the voting process of 23 March, each voter can cast one vote during this period but no overseas voting will be allowed, results of the trial voting will be destroyed after the testing period, and will not be used in the final analysis of “3.23 Civil Referendum Project”


Starting from the second phase of trial voting, for security reasons, PopVote website ( will not be opened to overseas individuals to browse until the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project” ends.


Starting from today, iPhone users can download the “PopVote 323” application by searching “PopVote” in the App Store, while Android users can search and download the app via Google Play. Both iPhone and Android users can also use the QR Code below to enter the interface directly.




Other Matters


POP welcomes local organizations to set up polling stations of their own on 23 March to help citizens vote online. POP has no connections with polling stations of this kind but hopes these organizations will follow the guidelines laid down by POP, including no campaigning for votes near the polling station and allow voters inside the polling station to have enough room for thinking so as to guarantee the voting is conducted with high privacy.


Final results are anticipated to be released at 22:00 on the same day after the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project” ends.


If the Chief Executive Election on 25 March voids, POP will hold a “Civil Referendum Project” one more time to gauge public opinions before the re-election.