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22 March, 2012

3.23 Voting Methods at a Glance


(1) Online Voting

    Voting time: 23 March 00:00 till 20:00
    Website: “PopVote”(
    Verification information: voter’s HKID number in full and a cell phone number that can send SMS

(2) Smartphone App Voting

    Voting time: 23 March 00:00 till 20:00
    iOS users: search for “PopVote” in App Store and download the “PopVote 323” application
    Android users: download the “PopVote 323” application in Goolge Play
    Verification information: voter’s HKID number in full and a cell phone number that can send SMS

(3) Polling Stations

    Voting time: 23 March 09:00 till 21:00
    Number of polling stations and venues: Please see the table below
    Verification information: HKID card



Locations of Polling Stations


(1) Formal Polling Stations
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (GH201)
  • Tuen Mun Town Hall (The exhibition gallery, 1/F)
  • Y-Square (Y2) in Chai Wan (Near Chai Wan MTR station Exit A, the connecting bridge of New Jade Shopping Arcade)
(2) Subsidiary Polling Stations
  • HKU: Assembly Hall at Sassoon Road, Ho Tim Hall, Main Campus [(A) Room G-01, Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre, (B) Podium, Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building]
  • City University of Hong Kong (Blue Zone)
  • Hong Kong Federation of the Blind (G/F Shun Lee Estate Community centre, Kwun Tong)
  • Silence Association (G/F, Tsui Tin House, Pak Tin Estate, Shek Kip Mei)
  • Hong Kong Association of the Deaf (Opposite to Ap Lei Chau Community Centre, Aberdeen)
(3) Mobile Polling Stations (Note: in case of on-site restrictions, the exact location might be changed, please refer to our website for the latest updates)
  • Kowloon West (Near Golden Computer Arcade, Sham Shui Po)
  • New Territories East (Near Tai Wai MTR station)
  • New Territories East (Near Sheung Shui MTR station)
  • New Territories West (Near Yuen Long Pau Cheung Fong Square)
  • New Territories West (Near CitiStore, Shiu Wo Street and Lo Tak Court, Tsuen Wan)


Because of the limited number of polling stations, POP encourages all Hong Kong citizens to cast their votes using personal computers or smartphones as far as possible, so as to allow polling stations to be used by citizens in need. Also, please be aware that due to security reasons, voting outside Hong Kong will not be allowed.


We welcome media to cover the voting process, especially the three formal polling stations wholly responsible by POP, there will be polling station officers providing support and arranging the interviews.



Fund Raising Progress Updates


The latest fund raising progress is as follows (as of noon on March 22, 2012):

Pledged donors(Including 146 “anonymous”)


Initial confirmed amount of donations


Mean of donations(In terms of initial confirmed amount of donations)


Median of donations(In terms of initial confirmed amount of donations)


Mode of donations(In terms of initial confirmed amount of donations)




Completion of Public Trial, Please Vote Again on 3.23


The trial period of online voting system of the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project” ended at 20:00 last night, all results of the trial voting are erased and will not be used in the final analysis of the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project”.


POP reminds those who have voted in the trial period to vote again on the actual voting day (23 March 00:00-20:00)



Guidelines to Civil Polling Stations


POP welcomes local organizations to set up polling stations of their own on 23 March to help citizens to vote online. POP has no connections with polling stations of this kind but hopes these organizations will follow the guidelines laid down by POP (please see the appendix), including no campaigning for votes near the polling station and allow voters inside the polling station to have enough room for thinking so as to guarantee the voting is conducted with high privacy.



Arrangement on the Release of “3.23 Civil Referendum Project” Results


POP will release the latest number of votes on a real time basis every 15 minutes via PopVote website after the actual voting begins for public reference. The final results will be released at POP office at 10pm that night.

Date: 23 March, 2012 (Friday)
Time: 22:00 (10:00 pm)
Venue: 5/F Kennedy Town Centre, 23 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
        (Please enter through Belcher’s Street)


Other Matters


If citizens have any queries on the day of “3.23 Civil Referendum Project”, please call the hotline 3921-2726, 10 staff members will be answering the calls and provide assistance at their best effort. If you would like to know more about how to vote and the process, please view the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project” introduction video clip at or visit PopVote website .


If the Chief Executive Election on 25 March voids, POP will hold a “Civil Referendum Project” one more time to gauge public opinions before the re-election.