Research BackgroundBack

In March 2010, the Construction Industry Council Training Academy (CICTA) commissioned the Public Opinion Programme (POP) of the University of Hong Kong to conduct a research on the views and impression of CICTA’s recruitment targets and other related people towards the construction industry and CICTA. The research comprised two parts, namely, quantitative and qualitative studies. The quantitative survey was targeted at three different groups, namely, 1) local population aged 15 to 45 years with secondary or lower education attainment who were unemployed / planning to change jobs / working as blue collars, 2) Form 3 to Form 7 students, and 3) parents of secondary schools students. Target groups of the qualitative research included the three groups mentioned above, plus students/graduates of CICTA, South Asian ethnic groups, new immigrants from Mainland China, as well as secondary school career counseling teachers.

The survey instruments were designed independently by POP after consulting CICTA, while POP enjoyed full autonomy in fieldwork operation, data collection and data analysis. POP takes full responsibility for all findings reported.