Research DesignBack

This was a telephone survey conducted by real interviewers under close supervision. HKCSS invited 385 agency members to participate in this survey via emails, end up 88 organizations were interested and their contacts were passed to HKUPOP for telephone interviews. Initial phone calls were made according to the appointment schedule, while up to 5 follow-up calls were made at different times if the respondents could not be reached by the first attempt, until the end of the survey fieldwork period.

All data were collected by our interviewers using a Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) system which allowed real-time data capture and consolidation. To ensure data quality, on top of on-site supervision, voice recording, screen capturing and camera surveillance were also used to monitor the interviewers' performance.

The target population of this survey is representatives of local NGOs who are in position to make organizational decisions and preferably with good knowledge in IT issues.

The survey was conducted during the period of 14 April to 5 May 2011. Representatives of 74 NGOs out of the 88 interested organizations were successfully interviewed. The overall cooperative rate was 84.1%, accounting to 19.2% of the total agency members. Assuming no response bias and calculated at 95% confidence level, the sampling error for all percentages was less than plus/minus 10.4 percentage points.