Background of StudiesBack

In April 2006, the editor of 「Tuesday Report」, a programme series of TVB news, contacted HKUPOP to discuss the credibility of opinion polls available to the public and methods to assess their credibility. After discussions back and forth, HKUPOP agreed to conduct some independent surveys to verify the accuracy of certain polls carried by some newspapers, so that 「Tuesday Report」 can discuss them in the programme as a lesson in civic education.
Subsequently, 「Tuesday Report」 decided to focus on the issue of noise problem in Tuen Mun Park, and selected some newspaper polls on this topic for HKUPOP's verification. HKUPOP then conducted some independent surveys in late-May 2006 to test the accuracy of these newspaper polls. In accordance with HKUPOP's normal practice, HKUPOP independently designed the questionnaires, conducted the fieldwork operation, data processing and analyses, and was fully responsible for all the results.