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In April 2012, the Hong Kong Specialist Medical Association (HKSMA) commissioned the Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong to conduct this “Survey on Local Type 2 Diabetes Patients’ Knowledge of Glucose 2012”. The survey was specifically designed to build a greater understanding of the level of knowledge among type 2 diabetes patients regarding their condition and the importance of good blood glucose control and the 7% target HbA1c level. The targets of this survey were people living with type 2 diabetes in Hong Kong who aged 18 or above, and mainly used western medical treatment.


The survey was conducted during the period of 4 to 18 May 2012. 506 respondents were successfully interviewed. The effective response rate was 57.8%, and the standard sampling error for percentages based on this sample was less than 2.2 percentage points. In other words, the maximum sampling error for percentages was less than plus/minus 4.4 percentage points at 95% confidence level.