In 2006, the Hong Kong Alternatives (HKA), an independent advocacy group, and Designing Hong Kong Harbour District (DHKHD) commissioned POP to conduct a public opinion survey on 「Planning for West Kowloon and the Harbour Front」. The primary objective was to gauge the public's attitudes and preferences towards the development of the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) site as well as the Victoria Harbour front in general. In November 2010, HKA commissioned POP to repeat the survey under a new title 「West Kowloon Cultural District Development」. Specifically, this second survey aims to look into the public's views on the land sales for residential property and other issues related to the latest WKCD developments, as well as to study opinion changes over the past five years.

The POP Team noted that HKA is unaffiliated with any commercial or political groups yet with very clear advocacy standpoints. This, however, did not affect the independence of POP in conducting this survey, because, as usual, the research instrument used in this study was designed independently by the POP Team even though it has consulted HKA. All matters relating to fieldwork operation and data analysis were also designed and handled independently by the POP Team, without interference from any outside party. In other words, POP was given full autonomy to design and conduct the survey, and POP would take full responsibility for all the findings reported herewith.